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Find the Right Hosting for Your Tech Startups

In today’s world, an online presence is very important. Research shows that nowadays people prefer to be online to find and purchase the things they need. Technology and the high-speed internet making it easier for us to find the services we need in just one click. Hence why most businesses now build their online presence through business websites, to make it easier for people to find them online.

A company website is very crucial to have for all kind of businesses. Whether you have an established financial consulting firm or just starting out a new mom & pops shop, having an online presence will help to continuously promote your business, as well as making it easier for potential clients to check your credentials before they decide to use your services. Having a company website will also make your business looks more presentable and professional. has a special type of hosting devoted entirely to business’ unique needs, for example.

The challenge for entrepreneurs and business professionals such as tech startups or financial advisors is to find the right web hosting for your small business. How can you find the right company to host your website? Especially if you are still at the initial stage of your business, where money is in consideration. How to find a web hosting company within your start-up budget, but still provide the best services and help your website to look like a world class business website?

The first thing you need to know is that web hosting companies usually offer a different type of packages to cater to different types of clients, such as using dedicated servers, or shared hosting.

For smaller entities such as small businesses and startups, hosting companies usually offer shared hosting because it is more cost-efficient, but still reliable and user-friendly.

Shared Hosting is Cheap, But Has a Downside….

The downside of shared hosting is the possibility of slower site speed because you have to share the server with other sites. However, most tech startups and small businesses prefer to have a clean and simple website for a start, which would be ideal for the shared hosting scheme.

Pay For What You Use:

One solution is to go with a hosting provider that only charges you based on what you use. Whether you have a website or an app that needs hosting to run, you could go with a company like Digitalocean or AWS.

Promo Codes Are the Great Equalizer:

One trick to making your startup capital last longer is to use coupon codes whenever you can. For hosting companies, they tend to give out steep discounts to new customers. So take advantage of them while you can. We found some good ones for Digitalocean on these sites:

discount go - voucher codes ukIf you’re a U.K. customer you might have better luck with hosting in your own region (it’s recommended that your hosting provider be in the region where your customers are.

Decisions, Decisions….

Before you decide which web hosting companies to handle your website, you have to ask these questions to the potential candidates:

• How much data can you store and how much bandwidth will you get?

There are businesses who need a large database to store their information, but there are also companies who don’t need one. By asking this question, you will get the service you need. If you don’t need database support and big bandwidth, you can choose to host package without one, which will be cost-effective.

• Flexibility: What if your Company Gets Popular Really Fast?

Yes, you want to start small now. But surely you want your business to grow eventually. And as it’s growing, so does your website. So, you would need a web hosting company that has the flexibility to expand their services as your business grows.

• Customer service and technical support

Not everyone is born tech-savvy. Even if you understand how to manage a website, as a business owner, you need to focus your energy on the strategy to grow your business.

So, when a technical problem arises, you would need a great customer service and technical support from your hosting company, to save you from wasting your valuable time.