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Sometimes You Just Need a Bit of Advice From Someone Who’s Been There.

We can give you all the advice and resources you need, but being an entrepreneur is hard. There’s lots of competition at the bottom from people who want the same things as you: to be a successful entrepreneur.

How EDX Coupon Codes Relate to Start up Advice:

edx promo codesBut what about the people who have already succeeded? what did they do to succeed? Did they count their pennies? Use coupons to get to meetings? Did they take courses on cutting edge technology like machine learning? Or did they spend as if they were already rich, to develop a ‘wealthy mindset’?

Spending time with people who have been there and come out on top is valuable for any profession. We’ve compiled some pretty good quotes from successful entrepreneurs that started out just like you: on the ground floor.

1. Richard Branson

“It is important not to fear fear, but to harness it—use it as fuel to take your business to the next level.”

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Richard Branson is probably the most famous Entrepreneur in the world. In a very inspiring article he wrote for Forbes Magazine, he advises you to use fear to your advantage. “Fear is energy”, he says, and it’s something that can you can use to narrow your focus and pull out an unlikely win.

When other people talk about why they can’t be an entrepreneur because of the drawbacks: the uncertainty, the competition, all the hard work, these are you things you can reinterpret to help you become a better business person. Using the energy from uncertainty, the testosterone-surges that come from competing, and the pride in working hard on something you created, are all ways to reinterpret supposed drawbacks.

2. Tony Robbins

tony_robbins richard branson
Wouldn’t you like to have a seat between these two gentlemen? Image Credit:

“The best entrepreneurs on earth never lose that hunger…they are hungry to grow, hungry to give, hungry to contribute”

– Source: Inc. Magazine

“Turning Your Greatest Obstacles into your Advantages. If you learn how to do that, then building a $100 million dollar company is easy by comparison.”
– Matthew Simpson, CEO of Coupon Coder

Entrepreneurs are always hungry. You have to be. But what happens when you make your first big sale? If there’s a million dollars in your bank account, are you going to get up just as early each morning?

Tony Robbins suggests that the most successful enterpreneurs he’s met have an internal drive that can’t be satiated by material possessions. Success makes them hungrier, because they now know they can achieve whatever it is they set out to do. So what happens when you achieve your dream goal? You set another one: an even bigger one. There’s an entire world full of problems that can be solved. Pick a star and start moving.

Extra: An Interview Between the Two:

Here’s a cool interview I found between these two entrepreneurs: